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M.A.E.T By Rusty

Why Do Emo Kids Suck so bad
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M.A.E.T By Rusty
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If your emo and have made it this far into the site without writing a shitty song about it, congrats, you have earned the right to suck me off.
Emo kids suck. This is a fact. By now you should know this. But you need to know so much more. If you go into battle unprepared, you might be seduced into their schlong lovin', butt-hole lickin' ways. So heres a list of shit that will keep your ass tounge-free (hopefully).
Emo kids:
Play Guitar Hero, but not real guitar.(and if they do, they're playing snow patrol on a First Act acoustic)
Can suck-a-my-nuts
Try to split it up into sub-genres like "hardcore" or "scene". Don't Be fooled, they're all gay at heart.
Don't allow "push moshing" at their shows cause they're afraid someone's going to get hurt.
Play concerts at curches.
Wear tight pants to show off their enormous camel-toes.
Wish they were dead, but are pussys, so they won't really kill themselves.
Think that being friends with a bunch of girls will compensate for them loving the cock.
Do drugs to fit in.

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Hating EMOs World Wide